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    Hello EMC! Welcome to the newest thread for the FREE farm. Our old thread was to introduce the subject, but now we're complete, we need a shop thread!

    Please note that since a FREE shop will be in such high demand, stock will run out quickly. If you're a new player, this is a perfect way to get on your feet, by getting free things and selling them!

    Help the Free Farm Thrive! Donate a few rupees today and get on the donator wall and help us expand! The total cost of this project is over 20,000R.

    What is the free farm?
    The Free Farm is a Utopia Residence (soon to be two residences) dedicated to growing crops to give away to the community for FREE. We are completely run on Daily Bonus and Donation Rupees.

    What does the Free Farm offer?
    The Free Farm is going to be offering all sorts of Crops and more, all grown and sold on-site. Wheat, Melons, Pumpkins, Sugar Cane, Potatoes, and carrots will all be available.

    What's the Catch?
    There's no catch! The Free Farm will be free and always will be. Products will be given on a first come first serve basis. Donations are much appreciated!

    I want free yield! Where do I go?
    You can come get your free stuff at 5337 in Utopia. You don't have to be a supporter to get it, however you'll have to pay a vault charge.

    Funding the farm
    The whole farm is completely run off of generous donations from the community since nothing is sold. The farm is also run from voting and daily login rupees.

    I'd like to give a really big shoutout to all our donators who are making this project possible. These people have donated rupees through our donation chests out of the goodness of their hearts.

    100r+: Exploding_Duck, Kells18
    500r+: champ4now, tomturtle, mvpworldseries
    1000r+: tinkerbell28, captaincastaway, netherworld666, misterfappy, masterdude13
    5000r+: ob1bob69
    10,000r+: Darksuperlord

    We'll see you there!


    Wheat: Sold Out
    Wheat Seeds: In Stock!
    Melon: Sold Out
    NEW Carrots: Sold Out
    Potatoes:Sold Out
    Pumpkin: Sold Out
    Sugar Cane: Sold Out
    Eggs: Sold Out
    NEW Nether Wart: In Stock!
    NEW Cactus: Sold Out

    Updated 9/2: 09:34 CDT

    Utopia: Residence 5337

  2. Wow this place is so cool! Just got back and got a few stacks of wheat! Thanks guys! ;)
  3. Currently harvesting wheat.. will be in stock within 10 minutes.
  4. Stock is updated. Melons are now growing and avaliable!
  5. Plenty of melons in stock, including melon blocks. Sugar cane farm construction is underway!
  6. Thanks!

    Wheat, Melons, Seeds restocked. Cane Farm is almost finished!
  7. Wheat is out -> It's currently growing and will be in stock shortly. Melon Blocks are being harvested at the time of this post.
  8. Eggs are now available and will appear in the shop shortly. the sugar cane farm is almost complete. Then, the pumpkin farm will be completed. Please suggest any crops here.
  9. Once im back from work, I'll make sure to restock the whole shop
  10. I could probably donate 1k.. looking good though :D
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  11. Great! Good to see how people help others within the community! :)
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  12. lots more now in stock!
  13. POtatoes and netherwart now avaliable.
  14. Full Farm Harvest Underway! Plenty of stock coming up - 2 doublechests of eggs already done!

    More coming shortly!
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  15. I really admire you for doing this, it's a really nice and helpful thing for the community! :)
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  16. Wow, I really need to see this
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  17. Thanks for the kind replies guys. Some items are currently sold out. I will be replanting in preparation for a full farm harvest tonight.
  18. Awesome, so you are my new neighbor
  19. sounds cool, I will so check this out!