Utopia - 5066 - Ocelot Eggs

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  1. I'm selling Ocelot Eggs for 75r in my Livestock shop on Utopia. At present there's only 15 available, and given the price others are currently selling for, I imagine they'll be gone fairly quick. I'll add more as I catch fish.
  2. Omg. Can u keep 2 for me please :)
    I'll pay extra
    2 for 500 :)
  3. Sure, I'll set aside the next 2 for you. No need to pay extra :)
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  4. shhhh, keep this a secret! Great deal apamment!
  5. Yeah, great deal, sorry I bought it out...
  6. lol dont worry nnnmc1, i've got yours in a box inside my house :)

    i'll keep adding to them, i'll stay up for a while fishing, but I imagine they'll sell fairly quickly. i'm guessing some people might be reselling :)
  7. I'nm not lanning on reselling any time soon, maybe once I have a double chest of ocelot eggs I'll drop them on the market real cheap on Utopia, but I don't think it will be for a week or two at least...
  8. Can you keep like 4 for me when you get some more? And some fish for extra money, Pm me when you've got it :p
  9. Aww! I have to try to get one at some point! They look SOO adorable! <3