Using the word 'reset' on server announcements

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by kilmannan, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Can we stop please? :p

    There were about half a dozen people panicking that everything was going to be reset. It was like talking to brick walls.

    The word 'reboot' is much more suited to maintaining calm. :)
  2. lol yes i will change it haha

    I actually never figured that is why I got message asking why everything was being "reset" lol DUH
  3. It was hilarious. Faust had just come on and I don't think he realised they were talking about this server reboot, so I was saying 'Nothing is getting reset!' and Faust was saying 'The Wild is getting reset' and people were crying, buildings burning down, babies being thrown from windows, all that good stuff. :D

    Made my night. :D
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  4. There is a general sense of impending armageddon out there in the fields, Captain.
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  5. Actually I checked it is "Server restart in 5 minutes" not reset, but I can still change it to reboot.
  6. Ah, that was it. My apologies. Still had the same effect though. :D