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  1. So recently I have been trying Adobe Photostop and have been making these things called Userbars. Userbars are small signature bars that show either a picture or video of a topic.

    Playstation Network userbar.png

    So I decided for the time being I will start making some for free, but later on start charging for them. If you would like one, post this in the comments.

    Colour/gradient background:
    Custom Font:
    Minecraft avatar head:
    They are now free, but will soon be released for cost at a sooner date.(Beta stage to see if people will like the userbars.)

    Default Packages:


    One picture, text, font, and an exceptional minecraft avatar.

  2. *Reserved when I find something useful to post*
  3. Colour/gradient background: The color of the hood on my avatar Text: Darksuperlord Image(s): an ocelot (minecraft) Custom Font: The one you used for the EMC one please, and uhh whatever color you see fits, although an orange-gold would look cool Minecraft avatar head: Don't put that on there :p
  4. Minecraft avatar skin hood, or your avatar in the forums hood?

    If it is the Avatar Forums hood, just purple, or purple to black, black to purple, or etc?
  5. Avatar, Purple to black
  6. Done! :)

    The Pattern Stamp Tool's color makes it look awful, but other than that it is great!

    DarkSuperLord userbar.png
  7. Colour/gradient background:Blue to turquoise
    Image(s):A chicken
    Custom Font:The one you used for EMC
    Minecraft avatar head:gollark8
  8. That TFM User Bar you talked about sounded nice :p
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  9. I really like the look of these! :)

    Colour/gradient background: Dark green (similar to my skin's colour) to a lighter green.
    Text: Samurai_Pig
    Image: A pig.
    Font: The one used for dark's, but in grey.
    Minecraft avatar head: Samurai_Pig

    Been wanting something like this for a while now. Thanks!
  10. Done, but PM me if you want me to edit a picture or add one more if you want too. :)


  11. Sorry if the pig is not the best, the edges make the image weird. :p

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  12. Looks nice thanks
  13. Color: shady orange like a sunset
    Text: Dat Demon
    Image: A moon going into a sun like an eclipse
    Custom font: slanted text in black
    Minecraft avatar head: can I please have some dark magic spell dust around it. No mc head fyi
  14. That's really nice! Thanks so much!
  15. Dust around what?

    Shady orange to what color?
  16. Dust around the text.
    Shady orange to midnight black
  17. There is no blending option for dark magic, the eclipse is not going to look good, and the black isn't good. If you still want it tell me, but you probably will NOT want it. If you want to you can ask for a different one.

    (Still a newbie here)