Urgent need of Silver/Light Grey Wool

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  1. Ok, I need it ASAP. Please sell to 4005 SMP2, 64-110r. Silver is the same as light grey.
  2. I believe there's plenty at my shop 414 smp1 , it's cheaper then what you are offering , i'm too lazy to move.
  3. Thanks I'll check it out. :)
  4. My Silver wool...it's all gone , you monster! you ate it all... :(
  5. ;) Thanks, anyone else?
  6. I would've offered you access to my wool farm, but it appears that over 300 sheep have vanished since the update.
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  7. I think I have about a stack of silver wool at my shop at 1079, SMP1. It's 5 blocks for 2r. I love public sheep farms... :)
  8. I would appreciate it if small amounts could be sold to 4005, I pay more :)
  9. Anybody else? :)
  10. *Bump* :/