[URGENT] Bye, Bye Expirence

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by samtheboo, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Today I logged on to Utopia, and my 12 levels were gone.
    Can anyone explain what this is, and if I can get it back.
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  2. Its a glitch, just relog.

    This has happened to me before, I was level 30, and I logged off to go to the sotre, and about 10 minutes when I came home I had went down to level 0! THen I relogged and my 30 levels came back.
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  3. Well, 12 levels are not that many.... Be happy it were not 50 levels or something
  4. This happens alot just do what pig said
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  5. You could kill a chicken on your res to display the correct xp. It would be like you got 12 levels of xp from killing a single chicken.

    It doesn't need to be a chicken but you get lots of good karma for killing chickens.
  6. And very, very bad karma if it's a sheep.