Urban Warfare Map?

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  1. So,

    I have been reading a book about this training exercise in which a few hundred people populated an urban warfare complex for about two weeks and the US Military have to find and remove a terrorist organisation.

    So I was thinking, why don't I make a map like this in Minecraft. It would be an adventure map that people could download. And I might also make a server for it. What are your thoughts?
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  2. That sounds like fun, maybe playing as both sides, using splash Potions etc. I would really like to see this idea in place. :)
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  3. Yeah it would either randomly pick or you could pick who would be the military and who would be the insurgents and then everyone else acts as civilians. And you would use things like splash potions, bows and other weapons. Also if I make an official server for it I would probably make some custom weapons.
  4. I have a similar book on Military Tactics of WWII i must have read that book cover to cover at least 3 times :p I love that kind of stuff...I like My Little Pony AND Guns :eek: :eek: :eek: Imagine that.
    But anyway. This seems like a really cool idea :D
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  5. I'm going to bump this to get more opinions... >.>
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