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  1. Hello i'm a bit new on this server and was wondering if i wanted to upgrade to say diamond, if i payed but then cancelled right after would it take away my diamond upgrade if i only wanted it for a month? .. i dont know how to really explain this.. Tryed my best
  2. no, you get a whole month even if you cancel right away.
  3. Thank u so much for the reply ^_^
  4. So you can pay then cancel then you still get benefits! :)
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  5. yeah, but when you cancel you don't get your money back, you pay for a month and you get a month. Also worth noting, when you cancel, you wont be able to re-subscribe until your paid time runs out.
  6. Yes I understand that but if you don't want to continue your membership you just cancel and still get that month. :)
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  7. That's correct, if you cancel your subscription after you subscribe, you get the entire month of benefits, and it will not make an auto-payment each month. You are always shown on the 'Upgrades' page how many days remain until supporter benefits expire, and can make another payment when the first one expires, and cancel again. Many players do this as a way to manually manage their payments on a month-by-month basis. :)
  8. Ok lets think about the costs a year. Ok Diamond = $240 Per year. (Really cheap if you have a job, Say you earn $750 a week depending on you, $750 that is approximately 45k a year including days off etc. Now 240 - 45k = $44,760.) And when you think about it that isn't alot. Now Gold.Exactly the same as diamond (Say you earn $750 a week, Gold is $120 Per year = $44,880.) Iron = $5 a month! $750 a week = 45k a year - $60 a year = $44,990!) I hope this helped and that you donate soon!:)

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  9. My brain hurts from tryin' to make sense of that. [Fail in math class, ftw!]
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  10. Diamond FTW XD
  11. Hahaha Sunny! Just trying to help out in the EMC community! :)
  12. ahm ok...
    lets look at this:
    1. 750$ a week, that might not be the average wage for everyone, since people from many different countries are playing here ;), but lets stick with that.
    so you get 45k a year. in my country 33% of that are gone for taxes, then u might wanna live somewhere, lets say in a cheap flat: 500$ per month, oh and something to eat will be nice too, so well ~200$ a month again, a car, some everyday stuff like toiletpaper...
    so yeah 240$ won't seem much, but its worth 1 month of food, its more than i had to pay for the game itself, and more than every MMO with monthly fees. So for me personally i think 20$ a month isn't just peanuts... ;)
    So I'll stick with playing for free and spend that money for uhm lets say... 4 days on Holiday :) personally i prefer that :) 4 days snowboarding or being on the sandy beach. sounds better than 1300 rupees a day :D
    Besides. For me, the only benefit from being supporter would be the possibility to hide myself from the Livemap. But others might like the other benefits.
    So please don't missunderstand me, i don't wanna be offensive. I think supporters are a good thing. They keep the Servers up and they are the reason why i can play for free and people like Justin can put a lot of time and effort into this. ;)
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  13. If u like EMC = keep playing for free
    If u really like EMC = iron supporter
    If u luv EMC :D = gold supporter
    If u r really addicted ( Like me XD This thing is MAGNET!!) = Diamond supporter XD FTW
    I stay with it more than half a day per day lol. (Not playing half a day per day ;) I stay on forum from mobile. )
    EMC at home EMC in the toilet EMC at lunch time EMC in the metro!! Yay!
  14. EMC in the toilet. Nice. *cackles*

    I do enjoy the gradients you link the supporter levels to, though, nnnnmc1.
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  15. Yeah, let's just hope it's only EMC and not teamspeak as well :p
  16. LoL. maybe if teamspeak is out on apps store :rolleyes:
  17. it is.
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  18. :D new knowledge :D
  19. You will have up until your next billing cycle to enjoy your benefits of supporter status. If you are able, then, to support again for another month, you may do so by re-enrolling in a supporter upgrade. =)
  20. lol wish i had money to be a diamond supporter. fml xP