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  1. If i upgrade to gold does it automatically take $10 from my account or is it like an optional thing to where i click on it to pay evey monthe to where i actually have controll over it???
  2. It is billed monthly. However after you upgrade you will see a big button at the top of the Upgrades to cancel it. You can cancel it at any time so it is not taken the next month. Many players do this :)
  3. but if i have 2 res with gold which gets deleted??
  4. We currently don't delete res's for supporters that quit supporting. If we implement this in the future we will give plenty of warning :)
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  5. So if i only supported for one month id keep 2 res ??? lol good deal
  6. If that was more widely known, you might get a lot more supporters, at least for a month.
  7. The reason it is not widely know is it prob won't be permanent. At some point we will put some sort of policy in-place. We just have to develop the system to be able to choose what res to keep, etc.