Upgrading server to expand Town (24-Oct-2011)

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    So I spent the last like 15 hours writing some code to expand our Town system. As you know we are currently out of residences for new players :(

    Starting at 6:30PM ET (22:30 GMT) the server is going to be down for an estimated 30 minutes. I apologize for this and it is very rare that we need to take the server down for upgrades.
  2. yes first one but i can understand for the upgrades though lol i speeled though wrong with a dillion words i type
  3. Nice justin, how long did that take to generate haha?
    EDIT: oh, you actually coded it in, damn bro. commitment.

    This post confused me
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  4. Im confused. Did you mean 23:30GMT?
  5. He did yes, he just didn't know we're on DST for another few more days.
  6. Still down :/ Ah well, not complaining, dying fr my own bit of land and brilliant news that Justin is taking the time to make some more :D
  7. Server is back, I am sorry it took longer than I expected, but we will never have to go down for this reason again :)

    All new players can now claim a new residence :)

    Also, it will take the LiveMap some time to catch up (like a day). But the empty ones will still show as a blue overlay.
  8. Thanks Justin :D I just joined the other day and was gonna claim one but the Minecraft Session problems stopped me :/ Good to see that the owner really cares :D
  9. lol it meaned my speelling goes fast when i type so i get all these errors gramor and period and capitallization
  10. You should review your posts before submitting them. A forum isn't an instant messenger and even then there's never such a need to rush that you can't check what you type.