Upgrading Grafix Card in a Laptop?

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  1. Hey guys, I've always wonderred if this is possible.. As minecraft for me has always run not the best.. I have 4GB RAM, and I think an outdated AMD Raedon 5490? Not sure on the numbers there..

    If I was to upgrade it how would I do it? Would I send it into a company or something and how much would it cost?

    Thanks, Waf
  2. Can't update laptop gpu's 99.999% of the time. You can however on desktops
  3. Being a Mac user, I don't know a ton about this. :p However, I have owned my share of PCs. I can't recommend doing it yourself unless you REALLY know what you're doing. It's not as easy as screwing open a door and popping the thing in, like you can do with RAM.
  4. yeah I know bout the RAM thing and found out my comp came maxed out on it :\.. I wasn't planning on DIY mainly b/c I don't want t screw with it lol.. I have a Gateway NV53 Laptop and yes I do realize that doesn't help much lol just thought it'd be a ok idea to put it out there :p
  5. I'm not the smartest computer guy, but laptops are difficult to change graphics cards. laptops usually come maxed out on what they come with. Laptops are just very difficult. I would say if anything, make a custom desktop. You can make one, with some of the highest stats for very cheap. Around 800$ is what mines at currently, and I love it.
    A very good website to check out is newegg btw.
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  6. That helps quite a bit actually. Of course, it appears that your processor could be one of many, but that's not important in this case. Gateway NV53 Specs [link]

    It appears that you are already running with updated RAM, as you said. Seems strange that the laptop would come like that.

    I think your best bet would be to tweak your PC in general. You know, clear out the junk. Maybe do a reformat?

    Also, are you using OptiFine? It can help quite a bit... Aikar forced me into trying it, and I have to admit....it is wondrous.
  7. Yep this right here.
    Laptops are not only a pain to do the installation, but expensive. Not to mention if you let someone else do it.

    With a Desktop, it is SO easy to build and replace parts. Just like a puzzle.

    Not to mention cheaper, I also have some builds saved up on newegg (with out monitor and speakers)
  8. yup most updated optifine.. I most likely need to defrag and disc clean mainly because I use it for recording stuff.. Its a 500Gig HDD I got close one time and had to delete a lot of vids so I probably should defrag :p
  9. I'm just wondering tho guys IF someone can find me a link or can my local computer store not BestBuy but a repair place can upgrade it?
  10. They could if it isn't an "intergrated"(built into motherboard) card. But I am sure you have a mobility card(normally the number on the spec with end in M,example 5780m)

    BUT you will be paying not only for the card but for the labor( more than likely 100$+ for labor)
  11. Per the spec link I posted, it looks like you have a ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570. It doesn't appear to be a horrible card, which is why I suggest tweaking. I mean, the laptop I use has an onboard card.

    If you really have your heart set on replacing it, take a look at this slideshow.

    I've taken apart a number of laptops, and it is no easy task. I wouldn't call it "hard" either. But I have huge hands and they have little screws. I have a bad memory and they have tons of parts. What I usually do is lay out a large piece of paper, take out all similar screws and place them in small circles that are labeled with their location / screw number...etc.... If pcworld says 45 minutes, and you've never done it before... bet on a 2 hour minimum, a ton of headaches, lost parts, and a laptop that will never fit together the same way again.

    Also, the price on video cards for laptops is generally pretty outrageous. And you are looking to upgrade, not replace... A quick search shows me pricing (on the card you already have) anywhere between $100 (used) to $250 (new.) So, imagine what a better card will be....
  12. You can't change Laptop GPU's without getting a completely new Motherboard anyways.
  13. yes they said you can if you have a mobility one that isn't intergrated into the motherboard which it seems my series of laptop has which is good news
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  14. You also have to make sure you chipset, BIOS, CPU, Motherboard, RAM, support it, Also if your battery can provide the extra current.
  15. bet if I go to some well known site enter my model number they can tell me everything.. Thing is I need ur help lol I'm on my phone and away from home ;)
  16. I really don't recommend it. Your best bet is to save that $ and put it towards a new system. Laptop or Desktop, your call... but it'll be much better in the long run. You know, more bang for your buck that way. I learned the hard way that it's best to save and get what you really want/need, than to try and go cheap.

    For example, I keep coral reef aquariums. When I first got into the hobby, I tried to go cheap on a protein skimmer. They generally run a minimum of $200 for something decent.... I ended up buying 6 different cheap ones, and spent over $450.

    Obviously, its a slightly different situation with computers. I've built my own desktops for 10+ years, and have a degree in IT from PSU. I doubt anyone will disagree with me when I say again, save your money.

    On a side note, PC's have (in my opinion) reached a peak. For the last few years, we've been adding cores, adding memory, etc...to no real performance advantage. My desktop is a Core2 DUO E7400 (2.8 ghz) with 2 GB of Corsair RAM (DDR 2 :eek:), 32 bit win7, 256MB RADEON X850 PRO... and I can do everything my brand new laptop can, with zero performance difference. I'm a heavy user of CAD, Photoshop, and tons of other resource intensive programs. Of course, I can't play Minecraft on this guy because my video card is too old to support the required OpenGL. But, then again, I don't like gaming in the same room that I work from.... The downside of working from home!
  17. Can you run diablo 3 Maxed out? Or render a video at 28 FPS?
  18. LOL. Of course not. I should have phrased it this way... I can do everything [that I want or need to do currently] that my brand new laptop can. :D

    And I only refer to "normal" users. I doubt my Mom needs to run a 64 bit OS with 6GB to play flash and java games!
  19. The first thing I'm worried about is the way you spelled "graphics"