Upgrading Account to Gold [HELP]

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  1. Hello, i was looking on the upgrades page on EMC.GS, and i noticed there was a notice saying "Due to the recent announcement of Microsoft buying Minecraft, we have re-instated rupee purchases and paused all changes to the supporter system until Microsoft makes an official statement about what it's stance to server monetization will be." If i get a upgrade, would it work or will i have to wait for Microsoft to change over to Minecraft?
  2. You can upgrade to any of the supporter options. There were previously some issues with Mojang that meant that there were going to have to be changes to the way that multiplayer servers did things. However, since Microsoft has purchased Minecraft, all planned changes have been put on hold for now.

    Hope this helps :)
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong? But i think what they're saying is that they're putting all the changes they want to make to the upgraded on hold for now, the upgrades themselves will be exactly as they used to be :) (i think)
  4. If you upgrade now, you will get all the perks that are currently listed as of now. :)
    The perks could change in future, but if you upgrade now, those are what you get.
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  7. Woo many replies all at once lol thanks for all your help! :)
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