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  1. If i wanted to upgrade say diamond, what do they do with your money?
  2. Hello Kells18! All of the donations (upgrades) on the server go to pay the costs for the server. No one makes an income from it. As we get enough supporters we grow and add more servers :)
  3. I need gold so badly, i've run out of room on my 60x60 plot.
    Actually having to get a lawyer to get my pay from my old job, unbelievable :O
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  4. That is never fun, I used to work as a contractor / consultant and always had to deal with companies not wanting to pay :(
  5. So are you allowed to buy plots from other people with rupees then they just own that plot but give you the right to build on theres?
  6. You could but i think only a diamond/gold supporter would go for this as everyone else only has 1 residence.
    The wild is always a risky, fun place to build though :D
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  7. We wouldn't recommend doing this as it isn't something we could officially endorse or solve problems with. You'd probably only want to do this (maybe not even then) if it was someone you REALLLLLLLLY trusted. Doing it this way leaves you open to the person either resetting the res on their own, removing your flags, or simply unclaiming the res and moving to another.
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