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  1. I Haven't been on the site in a while, and since I'm having trouble logging in and i was looking to see if anyone else was having the same trouble, i noticed that the number of res' a GOLD SUPPORTER can have was reduced. I'm just wondering when and why the number was reduced cause i was really looking forward to getting 3 res' so i could have some farming res'. :(

    Link: http://empireminecraft.com/upgrade/
  2. Diamond was the one that used to have 3. It got upgraded to 4. I'm pretty sure it has always been 2
  3. From what I remember I never thought gold could have 3 res? I've had it for a while now and its always been 2 for me!
  4. Gold has been 2 Residences. You might have just thought that each Upgrade (Iron, Gold, and Diamond) each received one more residence than the previous. Which Iron has never gotten extra residences
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  5. Oh, okay. I'm not sure what i saw then.:confused:
    I always thought that DIAMOND had four, GOLD had three and IRON had no extra.
    Thanks :)
  6. Remember diamond is double the price of gold, so double the res's :)
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  7. Well, you could always look at the Wild as a third res... just a big wide open one that you share with 30,000 pixel-crazed roommates. That never ends. And is constantly invaded by green terrorists who like to sneak up on you. And has nearly unlimited resources. And... well, you get the point. :D
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  8. Aikar, please discuss some ideas of creating a higher supporter class with better perks etc :D
  9. You mean almost 50,000...
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  10. I agree (skype?)
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  11. What can be better than a DIAMOND MEMBERSHIP? you have to look at it from a "whites" eyes, if you know what i mean.
  12. Yeah, I was estimating and giving slack for inactives. Also, meant actual players, not multis.

    I agree too. But mumble might be better? Am I the only one who is actually snooping around Aikar's Mumble server right now? Oh, apparently so!

    Emerald membership now?
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  13. Emerald wouldn't work well, due to conflicts with Staff colors.
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  14. Emerald Supporter

    Residences: 5
    Cost: 30$
    Rupees per day: 1,800

    Extra: Has access to stage.empire.us | Receives a stack of emeralds when signing-up.

    (^^^ Just a thought, not an actual upgrade)
  15. Staff are darker greens. We could use the neon burn-your-eyes green.
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  16. I thought they already said no to emerald supporter. It would get to confusing with the mods.
  17. Fixed part of it, that wouldn't be wort it if it was only 5 reses. 3x the money 3 times the gold reses.
  18. Ahh, I wasn't aware of that. How about Ruby, since it's likely to come out eventually? We could use red for it.
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  19. I was looking forward to an emerald membership D:
  20. Ah, thanks.