upgrade to windows 8.1, help needed

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What was the update like for you

perfect! 3 vote(s) 60.0%
same error... 1 vote(s) 20.0%
different error... 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. I have exhausted all of the resources I can find on the subject and non have fixed my problem so I was thinking that EMC may be able to help.

    I have been trying to upgrade my windows 8 laptop (came with windows 7 originally) to 8.1. Sadly, I receive the error "0xC1900101 0x2000C" every time I run the update. During the reboot, my laptop shuts off without warning. When I turn my pc back on, it restores windows 8 and gives me that error. I have been told it is a driver issue but I have no clue which one or how to begin looking.

    What I have tried:
    Everything posted here. I also ran another fixit utility from Microsoft but no help.

    Additional information:
    My laptop is Toshiba and is supported for the update to windows 8.1. I have checked their site and ensured I had the latest drivers.

    Anyone have suggestions or experienced the problem?
  2. I thought it was the Minecraft 1.8 Update not Windows lol
    I dont know if it even is possible to do that?
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  3. The windows 8.1 update has been out for a while as a free download in the store. Also i realize the title is very vague.

    Could a mod add windows before the 8.1.
  4. Hmmm as I have a Macbook when I updated for school I had to manually reselect the drivers that I wanted to use in the driver manager, so I couldn't use my mouse. Windows 8.1 seems to reset all the drivers. Your laptop should have come with a driver disk maybe? not sure...
  5. As for a physical disk, no. I don't have one.
  6. If possible, stay at windows 8 (not 8.1)
    If you feel the need to install 8.1, I suggest looking up the driver issues you are getting and/or looking up a video on how to fix it
  7. Sadly, I have a error that only a small handful of people have meaning there are no real resource available. I am hoping someone here may know about the issue and maybe fixed it on their computer. Any help is appreciated.
  8. As a Mac person (you know and so does your brother) I really do not have much experience with windows but here is what I know from my mac. Sometime the installation just takes up too much RAM or overwhelms the computer. I would try a few things
    • make sure all applications are closed before the update. It might help
    • connect the computer to a power source while updating. it might keep it alive. My mac will use 50% of the battery when updating and it drains 1% every 5 minutes durring a major update (upgrading to OS X 1.8 from 1.7)
    • if all else fails, spam it
  9. When my laptop gets a virus I shut it off completely and let it chill for a day. This surprisingly works for me; and also raging at it... Anyways I think stayin on 8 is your best bet till they find a solution. :) ;3
  10. i had no problems updating to windows 8.1 , i have no clue how to help except say keep trying :D
  11. 8.1 is such a joke. I wouldn't suggest updating at all, it has errors, and it will make everything slow for you. This is why i stayed with 8 only. I to have a toshiba and heard that 8.1 was buggy and just not good at all.
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  12. its about the same for me. no noticeable difference. i still get 550 fps in minecraft and locked at 60 fps in everything else.
  13. Thanks for the help. I will probably just stay on 8 until I can find a fix or 8.2 comes out.
  14. Windows 8.1 is so much better, though. There's every reason to upgrade.

    Sadly, I think this means that your computer doesn't support 8.1 I have been running 8.1 for 4-6 months perfectly fine.
  15. I am about to update/try to update to 8.1. :p