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  1. Hello i have recently paid for diamond upgrade and i would like to know how long it takes to work. I know i am inpatient, but you know i like tnt. Thank you.
  2. Did mine instantaneously.
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  3. It usually takes within 5 mins, i would say contact icc about it
  4. When I upgraded I got it right away. Maybe your transfer hasnt gone thru yet :confused:
  5. I don't see why anybody would try that, mostly because it would never work.
    ICC wouldn't say: "Oh, I believe you, here's Diamond Supporter" now would he? :p
  6. I don't think he's lying... there's more than one way of payment... one of them requires 'non-instantaneous payments' such as e-checks... which can take from 3 days up to 2 weeks depending where you live... or if you have to call the bank to say 'i'm making an international transaction' normally takes 2-9 days... only time it's instantaneous ... is if you're using a credit or debit card - or if you have money in a paypal...
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  7. She*
  8. "No offense, but it kind of sounds like your lying trying to get free diamond..."
    "Seeing as she just joined a month ago, she might think he can."

    That made me laugh . Thank you it is a good start of the day.

    I will contact Icecreamcow. Thank you all for suggestions and quick response .
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  9. *he
    there are no girls on the internet dont be silly
  10. :O hehe
  11. Oh really
  12. All done. Thanks for help :)
  13. YOU do not have to be so rude! This is not behavior becoming of a member of the Empire.... :(
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  14. WELCOME to The Empire!
    We are glad to have you here.... there are LOTS of girls... as I am one.... heeheehee
    Feel free to look about all the servers so that you get the one that fits you best....

    Have Fun!
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  15. *cough* SMP4 *cough*
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  16. Yes we are partial to Smp4 but she may like something else...lol
  17. Smp4 where all the kids seem to belong to R0bbieJo
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  18. Rename it R0bbie's Playground.... lol
  19. Hahaha Thank you kindly for such a warm welcome. I am a member of Smp1 i have bf and few rl friends there so not much choice left to me.
    Girls are everywhere in games imo they just often hide.
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