[Upgrade] Aetrium Gardens (/v 1111 SMP1)

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  1. Greetings EMC!

    Today marks the placement of blocks on the Aetrium Gardens upgrade at /v 1111 SMP1, owned by Faithcaster. The Aetrium Gardens have been around for quite a while and Faithcaster and myself thought it could use a nice upgrade.

    So here it is...

    Drumroll please :D!

    Aetrium Gardens 2.0!

    Faithcaster and his ''Pandora's Box'' holding the Ender Crystal
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-02-53-89.jpg

    Faithcaster's Pandora's Box
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-03-33-43.jpg

    Tree of Aetria
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-03-48-28.jpg

    Mr Faithcaster and his cane
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-05-06-80.jpg

    Front view
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-05-14-50.jpg

    Aetrium Treefield
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-12-04-48.jpg

    Tree of Aetriu
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-12-18-85.jpg

    Overview of Aetrium
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-12-29-73.jpg
    Overview 2 of Aetrium
    javaw 2014-08-28 01-12-48-72.jpg
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  2. Totally awesome, as usual!
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  4. Wow, awesome work as usual Eclipsys
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