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  1. can you update the servers to the new minecraft update
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  2. Not yet, we need the plugins to be ready.
  3. *facepalm*
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  4. The staff has to first update all of their custom plugins before they can update the server. Just be patient, I've heard they should be done with that pretty soon. :)
  5. No they can't until they have updated their plugins. Some servers are bad and use 3rd party plugins. On EMC all plugins are custom coded. And EMC even uses a custom version of bukkit. If you had read the thread that said DO NOT UPDATE you would have found out that it might not be until after christmas when EMC updates.
  6. thank you i am new to the empire
  7. No worries, we all have our newbie questions. ;)
  8. Possibly, only if you are on the nice list.