Updates and unshameful self-plugs

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  1. Sup Cubs!
    I've been Totally obsessed with PlanetMinecraft recently! I make loads of skins, I make SpeedArt. I made some Blogs and now I'm Almost Level 9!

    I have 8 Cubs (Subscribers) And on my 10th Cub, I will be Forced to make a Mod!
    Thank god someone wanted to help me while I mentioned it in chat!
    I've recently Started a project on Empire For Re-doing (for the Millionth time!) To make a little house just for Relaxing.

    Here is the link to my YouTube and PlanetMinecraft account.

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  2. Yes. and I have 5, and i did NOTHING like this. i just hope. :)
  3. He is updating the community on what he is doing, and the "unshameful self-plug" just means that he is purposefully advertising his PlanetMinecraft account despite how it may look to certain players.
  4. She* And thanks for backing me up so I wouldn't have to Eat there Faces. :3
  5. I shall eat your faces! Nom Nom nom
  6. Not if I eat your face first!
  7. Mod time.

    I like your skins, and think you could get a good number of subs with them, along with your LP's. If you make me a skin, I will add a link to your Youtube in my sig if you like. :)
  8. Thanks bro, What skin do you want me to make? Another thing, I cant believe toy checked out my channel too :3 Thanks
  9. Ohh noes!
  10. Oi! Thats my line ;)
  11. Could you maybe make me something along the lines of Captain Canada? A red and white suit, and mask, with a Maple Leaf on it. :)
  12. Sure, Ill try but I suck at doing people :/
  13. It doesn't have to look all the real, just along those lines. :)
  14. Ok got it, Ill make it tomorrow ok?
  15. Sure :)
  16. Just wondering if my skin is done. :)