Updated, now in a world of crap..

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  1. Hey, my first post, and that had to be an admittance of utter stupidity on my part.. clicked without thinking today, and wooops.. Updated client, and cannot login to EMC servers.. Tride the MCnostalgia thing, but fail miserably.. it says:

    "You don't seem to have all the files you need in your minecraft bin folder. Please delete your bin folder, run the launcher and login.
    Press ENTER to exit."

    I do as I am told, and launch mc, and it downloads the missing files, and I try again.. Same result. I am desperate.. HELP!!

    Noob Pondus..
  2. I was going to suggest spoutcraft, but it seems Crazy1080 has already claimed that post.

    EDIT: You will not provide your copyrighted material to anyone within the confines of Kalland Labs or affiliated sites. What you do outside of our community is your problem.
  3. That's a little uhh... illegal.
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  4. Seems people are ignoring the important part...

  5. I don't mean release the download publicly though, I just mean send it to him in a private message. Basically, it's like fixing somebody's server for them or their game, or anything else really.
  6. Right click on you're .minecraft map and do ''set back to before''
    it will help :)
  7. Yeah, but you're distributing it on EMC's website, so they don't really want you doing that, as that could potentially drag them into copyright issues.
  8. Well, I don't see why you posted on the bukkit forum but okay. :) Just download Spoutcraft please, it'll all make sense from there. :)
  9. I appriciate your willing to help man, I really do.. But I don't want to get you in trouble, so i'm trying the approach crazy1080 suggested..

    I of course have a legal account of my own, so no illegal intent here..

    Today is from now on called "crazy1080 day"! March 1st will be celebrated in all areas of this property in Norway for as long as the inhabitants enjoy spoutcraft..

    Thanks alot man.. :) Literally a mc life saver.. :)
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  10. Yay! :D I helped someone.
  11. hehe..you did indeed.. :)
  12. Hello there guys,

    ALOT of people update and are not able to play on the EMC during the process of the server update.You can easily notice this by looking at the slots full on weekends. Usually the slots are at 55/60 to 60/60. During the process of a server update this number is reduced to around 30/60. Obviously some people haven't gotten the message about possibly downgrading using something like spoutscraft. And maybe if that didn't work for you there is always another solution. For example I use something called the "Digiex Minecraft Launcher". Basically what this allows you to do is to play ANY version of minecraft ever released. Even the alpha versions. Google is great. Do a bit of research on your own you might come upon something interesting.

    later guys,
  13. Ninja, Instead of download a thing that takes 30 minutes to install, Just go to
    Right click Bin
    Previous versions.
    Revert back to when it still had 1.1
  14. It doesn't take 30 minutes it takes like 2 minutes
    if it were as simple as that many people would be doing that already.
    And Digiex Minecraft Launcher and spoutscraft are the best solutions to the fact that people upgrade their minecraft too early.
  15. Ninja, Go try it :) You'll see how easy it is to revert.