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  1. Dose anyone know when EMC will be updating to 1.4.7 or where there is a thread explaining it?
    I'm REALLY wanting to get light sensors, quartz, and red stone blocks :D
  2. You mean 1.5?
  3. If you do mean 1.5, it depends on Mojang releasing date. It's usually about a week after the official update, because they need to update CraftBukkit and all the plugins and stuff :)
    Oh, and a tip: Do not update until EMC updates to 1.5, if you still want to play here
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  4. Mojang has to update first, then Aikar and JustinGuy will work on 1.5, takes about 3 to 4 days =)
  5. 1.4.7 was bugfixing, and they will update to 1.5 when the update comes out and they update the plugins.
  6. All of the things you listed are coming in 1.5, which hasn't even officially been released yet. It's still in development, so expect EMC to have it about a week of so after it's released to the launchers.
  7. EMC is currently using 1.4.7, which was an update for fixing bugs brought in by 1.4.6. The two versions are cross-compatible, so a player on 1.4.6 can connect to a server on 1.4.7, and a player on 1.4.7 can connect to a server on 1.4.6.
  8. 1.4.7 is client bug fixes. Therefore it will work with 1.4.6 things.
  9. You mean 1.5? That depends when Mojang releases it. But when 1.5 is open to the public, it will take a week or so for Bukkit to update and for JustinGuy and ICC to update the plugins.