Update features (1.2) and Explanitory things about them in EMC

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  1. Ok guys, Tons of people ask, Why dont snow golems work in town??? They are considered Mobs, or monsters. If justin allowed monsters, Creepers, zombies, spiders, etc. Would run around town and massacre us all :D. Also, in the new update, Iron golems probably will NOT work, due to them being considered a "mob". Also, trying to spawn one using the iron blocks and a pumpkin, will not work. You will simply loose your iron D: Also in 1.2, Cats (ocelots) are added. Im not sure if they will be banned from town, due to them killing chickens.. Another feature, Fire balls. They are bascially what ghasts fire, and if shot from a dispenser......Fire will spread where it hits. Im almost positive that Justin will ban these from EMC, due to griefing possibilities. They can also be used as flint and steel... Also, ocelots are your new best friend (probably only in wild :p). If you have an ocelot near you, Creepers will actually AVOID the ocelot! If there are any other update features i missed, feel free to post them below! (Yeah yeah, I know xp potions :p)
  2. I'm not sure what difficulty mode EMC wild is but Zombies will break down doors in Hard and Hardcore mode( Only wooden one)
    So make your doors out of iron!
  3. You forgot baby villagers.
  4. I knew about baby villagers, But they are pretty useless... :/ and they only spawn naturally in wild... (unless jeremy is in creative and decides to have fun with the spawn eggs :p ;))
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  5. Well they can keep the villages populated.
  6. I guess so :)
  7. You know, then the mindless people come and destroy them... They should make it so villagers can rebuild buildings!
  8. I hope people build really tall buildings with the new world hight :)
  9. Justin might not be able to adjust the world height D:
  10. D: