[UPDATE] A Really Cool Idea

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  1. So last night on the forums about how I was going to make an Excel Spreadsheet for all shops to compare prices with other shops within each server. I was surprised on how much support I was getting to "Go for it!" and "This will be really helpfully and interesting! Please do this!" So, I've decided to make it easier for me and all of you to get it out faster than I was expecting by myself.
    I am going to make the layout on Google Drive. Then, I will share it with people who want their shops to be on the Excel Sheet for all to see. They will then put all their prices on the Excel Sheet. This will save a lot of time for me and will hopefully get this out sooner than I was shooting for. I will release WEEK ONE hopefully next week, I am hoping for at least ten shops on the Excel file, big or small.
    This update will also make it easy for the next versions in the weeks after. :)
    Hopefully, I get a lot of support on this and i can get this done in time :) Get a hold of me through my email below or through Minecraft or down below.
    It would be much easier if you have Skype :) Add me and message me if you want in: chaos_orange57
    Thanks for reading and be sure to support! It will help the whole EMC!