Up The Cap players?!

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  1. I've noticed the player cap has seemed to have gone down with 1.0.0 leaving many Empire players stranded because there are not enough spots, please up the player cap, I may be wrong about the higher player cap for 1.8 so please tell me if I'm wrong. Also I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section I wasn't sure where to put this. >.<
  2. The player cap was lowered during 1.8. the reason they have the cap this low is because of the way minecraft works first of all and the fact the the empire uses such server hungry scripts to be what it is.

    Recently I read that Justin will be adding a 3rd SMP server, I understand that this may not be that great for you as you already have a res and you have already built things so a new server wont help you at all but at least it's something, right.

    A more explained reason of why the cap is set at what it is, is due to that number is about as good as they can get it so that the server has the best playable experience for those connected. They could throw as much money at the server as they could dream of and they wont be able to change that number. In times to come Minecraft will eventually have a better API (Oh god we hope so) and add-ons will be less and less power hungry and maybe, just maybe they will add some for of better engine to handle the way information is sent between users but I'm afraid until that time we (coders like myself), the staff here at EMC and others like that are very limited in what can be provided.

    I don't even play here any more but I can say that I would rather the cap be as low as it is than have huge amounts of lag.
  3. The cap has not been lowered. And the reason they are not going to increase the player cap is because, if they do the server will start lagging.
    But fear not, they are soon going to launch an smp3. There by adding 45 additional player slots. (Although on a new server of cause)
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  4. Thanks for your responses guys your a real help :)
  5. Just to clarify... it's all on the same physical server.
  6. Yes obviously but what could Terr use that information to?
    Said "new server" in case he already had a residence on smp1 or smp2 and could not benefit from there being a "new server" (smp3).
  7. Don't have a fit, I said.. just to clarify.
  8. The troll is here again.
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  9. Sorry if I came on to hard. Didn't mean it to sound like that. I was merely explaining why I used the term "new server".
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