unused fortune III and efficiancy IV diamond pick

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  1. bid must increase with at least 500r, reserve price is 5k.
    good luck and BID BID BID! :D
  2. 6 more hours bid bid bid! =D
  3. rodoet123456789 i asked for this. :(
  4. sorry i dont know what u mean??? but pls do explain?
  5. remember my other forum? this is acc exactly what i am looking for
  6. then make a bid mate =)
  7. alexchance u won
    i will make a chest for u at 1350 come get and pay me 12.5k when u take it. and btw congratz
  8. alexchance come pick up ur damn pick ive waited for a week pls come get at 1350 ive put up chest