Unspawn time?

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  1. So.. I was playing this other MC server and I found two spawners together..

    I let them build up on purpose while being safe. (They were cave spiders) I broke a block to kill them and I started to lag.. Like 5000 cave spiders swarmed inside my safe spot. I logged off, I went on a bit after and they were still there :/

    How long does it take for them to un-spawn? My diamond armour isn't eating all of their attacks and I'm like 4 hearts.
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  2. If no one is in the chunk then they should despawn when you leave.
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  3. They'll stay forever, well until someone else walks past that area forcing them to despawn.
  4. I'm the only one there. Middle of the ocean 11k+ away from spawn

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  5. That's what you get for not playing on EMC where Aikar's coded it so they despawn when you logout :)
  6. D:

    I logged, it's passed like 10 minutes.. They're still there!
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  7. Well..... Your screwed. :) Have fun trying to get out.
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  8. Try logging out a few more times, or going more than 32 blocks away from them and waiting. If you're 32 blocks or more away, they should disappear after a while. Of course, that'd be a problem if you can't escape... Good luck :D
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  9. I got out!

    When I came back they all had spread or something.. I did /f home... and waited like 10 seconds(you need to wait 5 without moving to teleport) in the lagg and logged out.

    When I came back in I was in my base with 1 1/2 hearts xD
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