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  1. So I've been working for a bit now on getting an EMC Business Catalog up and running. I had the idea when I read a discussion about there being nothing to help find say a woodcutting service. I was then told that there used to be one, but it was pretty much abandoned by the creators. So I set out to create a website that would list all these businesses people run. Everyone knows the EMC Shop catalog, and that is great, however I think we also need this business catalog for those looking for services such as cutting down trees, and clearing out dirt. I hope I get a good response to this and maybe it can be made the "official" catalog eventually. Here is the URL: Please register your business (if you have one) after reading the short tutorial. If the website actually becomes somewhat popular I will add a donate button (I won't blow it on video games... as much as I'd like to) so that I could pay for the premium website, and be able to add more features that I can't with the free version. I would also be able to remove that ugly Webs advert at the bottom. Once again here is the URL:
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  2. Signing up now :)
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  3. Gonna add my businesses! Thanks and good idea and luck! :D
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  4. Thanks, hopefully people will really start picking up on this and register.
  5. I'll sign up when I find the time. You might like to correct the spelling of "businesses" on the loading screen.
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  6. Really good idea. I'll sign up right now :)