(unnamed) Mega-Mall

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  1. I've started a mega-mall yesterday and it is going pretty well. I'm running a bit low on materials for it I've had PAVI259 I think his name help me. He brought materials btw thanks :cool: and we are accepting donations in rupees or materials it all helps the mall be made faster it is being made on smp5 since we're running short on shops. Also we need help with a name for it ;) post comments on what the name should be and Ill accept the best one I see. I won't do like Plasma-Mall unless it's clever :pKard192 is going to be the Co-owner and if we have extra shop spaces cause we want this to be realistic YOU will be able to rent a space the price will depend on how big the shop space is :rolleyes:. Here is a picture of it and ive only been building it for a few hours and it's already looking great says people on a other forum 2013-02-09_19.16.18.png
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  2. How bout... Plasma Mega Mall or Plasma Towers?
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  3. PlasMall
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  4. Oh yeah, clever :p that's pretty good Im considering that one Ill wait till I finish it and choose one
  5. Btw I neeed people to help build
  6. Can any1 help.
  7. I guess I could hop on again
  8. Seems like there now will be 2 shops in the making on smp5
    Looks good so far! I like the design with the red, green, and yellow wools:D
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  9. hardly worked on it today due to all the events
  10. hey your the guy who asked for that iron chest plate in the end thing:p
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  11. Yeah :p thanks for that btw I got a nether star thanks to it!
  12. if you list something you need im sure I could help
  13. Wool white and black mainly, glass panes, idk if you could help with this but iron blocks for the beaccon
  14. I will go an donate some wool right now :)
  15. Ty guys this is helping so much.
  16. I need someone to dig the dirt floor out
  17. cheers also can any1 spare some white wool im out
  18. Can any1 spare some glass panes?