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  1. They got mad at me for blowing someone up - but there was a big red launch button. So unfair. :(
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  2. Man I keep failing at the shaving part. I shave fine it's the choices I fail
  3. That was amusing.
  4. very weird shaving some pixel dude.. xD
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  5. I don't understand this game. It just gives you a bunch of options and randomly gives you medals or not. :confused:
  6. It's about the decisions you make when interacting with people as well as how you manage your conversations or thinking with your current activity, although that's a minor part.

    There's nothing too scientific to it, but I found it enjoyable and there are a lot of questions I found myself asking about the guy, his life, his relationship with his wife and his child, etc.

    It's not just a game in the standard sense. It's about making you ask questions of the main character and those around him.