unknown reason for death

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  1. is there a way to check up on reasons for death ?

    (the story so far) "a long long time ago in a galexy far far ... er sorry wrong story XD
    i have a huge rail network that is extreemly long (about 12km) and right on top of bedrock and i often die for unknown reasons no mobs, no lava, no water
    it seems like i die due to lag and glitching or something because of the distance and the map not loading quick enough honestly im not sure..

    the real pain is it happens over and over and then i loose all my enchanted diamond gear tools and weapons "silk touch pickaxe included" :(

    so it leads me to the question is there a way to see the reason for death because its making me not want to play on the server anymore which would be a shame
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  2. I would just stay away from your rail for a while, the lag will calm down eventually
  3. I've had this issue with a rail I mess with. The walls keep lava from getting in and yet when I go through three places I end up having to stop and let my Hearts refill due to magically catching fire through the walls and ceiling. Also noticed that if other people are in carts in front of or behind you they turn invisible but the cart continues. Maybe it's all just buggy right now due to 1.3 glitches?
  4. I think, and this is just spit balling, that you start suffocating and die in a certain area. That or it's a lag.
  5. my health depreciates like im being brutaly attacked ... about as quick as drowning i guess
  6. Sounds like suffocating. I did this in some of my first railways I tried to make. (I was totally nooby) and then after working a bit more I was taught to basically mine a three or four block tall tunnel just to make sure. Sometimes it could also be to block lag EMC seems to have I'm guessing. That's the only reason I can think of me catching fire through a wall, the lava loaded before the wall and I caught fire.
  7. could be the servers player positioning bugging out and placeing you below bedrock where you die.
  8. Happend to me today on my friends server. We were doin' an adventure map and at some point I we had to ride a railway to somwhere so I went ahead of him. As I was riding it started to lose hearts, when my friend went to that spot he was losing hearts also. We only lost two or four hearts but it was weird.

    So it might be a 1.3 glitch, is what I'm guessing. :I
  9. There is a suffocation glitch for mine carts at the moment but only certain people are affected by it.
  10. Didn't this happen a couple of days ago to someone else?
  11. The rail corridor iv made is currently 3x3 with 2 rails one for each direction ill dig one more row away from the roof which will probably take 3-4 days and re post with results thanks for all the reply's
  12. 1.3 glitch.

    We're all in the same boat, but it sounds like suffocation. Railways need to be 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks to avoid suffocating.
  13. I went to check for ya. It looks like the last 5 or 6 times you died were from drowning. I TPd to your death coords nd took screens for ya. All of them brought me underwater. I'm not sure if maybe your connection is telling you you're at places your not maybe?

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  14. He's my pet...
  15. No actually I did drown a bunch of times about 5 but a few previous to that would take you to my rail track which would be out of the northern outpost and in the middle of the ocean or way way off in the middle of the huge snow field
  16. I get this all the time on my own server with a minecart track at level 222 with no walls I take 4-6 hearts on an average 1k ride
  17. How many days back was this about?
  18. at a guess i would say 3-4 days ago
  19. I investigated something similar with another player. They where catching fire as they rode their minecart. There is a known bug in the current version of minecraft that can cause a minecart rider to catch fire if there is a block of lava under the block that the rail is on.
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