Unities Corp.

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  1. Hello Everyone!
    Bucky291, Fermat8, and I now own


    Unities Corp.!

    We decided to all own Unities Corp. and have Unities Corp. own our own companies like JeanZ Inc. BK Inc. and Fermania Inc.

    Now for the not boring part :p

    Currently Unities Corp. owns 2 Mega Malls and 1 Casino.

    Buildings that we own:

    (Also if you need work or wanna see what stores you can stock check this thread as we'll post any jobs here)

    509 - Mega Mall - Open [Owners: JeanZ Inc. BK Inc.]

    1950 - Mega Mall - Not Open [Owners: Fermania Inc.]

    407 - Casino - Not Open [Owners: BK Inc. JeanZ Inc.]
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  2. Unities Corp. Has Acquired JeanZNation Studios who are currently working on EMC's Last Days.
  3. You like, Something Inc. lol.

    And really nice buildings :)

    I wonder who owns JeanZNation Studios.... and who owns this....
  4. Who owns what?
  5. Random question but...What texture pack do you use? looks real smooth :D
  6. I plan on making a mall. May I use the 509 mall design?
  7. Misas 434
  8. Erm I'm not exactly sure please pm bucky291.

    Oh and btw

    509 is now Open :D
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