Unions for SMP2?

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  1. Hello, Im wwii. I've been a member of SMP2 for about a year now, and i've noticed there are no unions, and i though it would be a cool idea to have them, It would give more to the town type feel? Since I'm on SMP2 I'm looking for people to help me try to set up a farming union to start with. This might grow bigger in the future and have a few unions. Feel free to send me a MSG or talk to me in SMP2!

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  2. I thought this said Onions for Smp2.
  3. Sorry, remind me what a union is?
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  4. Please give details on your ideas...
  5. Maybe he means like a workers union type thing?
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  6. Yes, I mean like a workers union. Sorry I'm usually referred to the as Unions. It's mainly to get newer players started, because what do new players to to earn money? Mostly selling wood and farm materials. At least that's how me and many people I've met started. Now if you look how much farm sell for.
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  7. I get what you're saying.

    This might be cool, but i have seen people try stuff like this in the past and it hasn't always gone well, simply because people can't commit to it.

    If this was started and you wanted it go well, you would have to commit, and you may have to get others to do the same, which isn't always easy.