[UNFIXED] Heads not working

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Ethy202, May 25, 2014.

  1. So, I am 1.7.9 on EMC and I put on a head, POW! Steve. 1.7.9 doesn't do this!!! What is happening?
  2. They work in 1.7.9 for me. It's possibly your internet. If you have a bad connection, skins and heads don't load properly and turn into Steve.
  3. In singleplayer, they work. My skin works too. Just other skins and heads.
  4. If a player or mob head is not loading try placing it down and unloading the chunk. Go back to chunk and it should be fixed. :)
  5. It probably works in singleplayer, because multiplayer requires much more bandwidth to load.
  6. Ok, I see.
  7. Yeah I
    have the same prob I can place it and the skin shows up but when I wear it it doesn't work
  8. It's something with the 1.7.9 update conflicting with the older versions. It's a Minecraft, not server-side bug. Happens on all servers.
  9. When u put it on the wall disconnect then re-connect