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Should the report function be removed because of things like this.

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  1. Recently I was banned on Empiremc for greifing. This really annoyed me because I didn't actually grief anything. When i was banned it said I was banned by some Bob person (Not an admin). This Person I had a argument earlier with because they asked for flags on my res and i said no. At the time I was banned I was mining with my friend who I was talking to on Skype he was with me all the time that day so if you dont believe me ask him (noonerandom). Can you please un ban me because I really like this server and I hate the people who grief it. I wouldnt write this post if I had not found out that this ban was permanent (It would have been just something slightly anoying). This Person must have either reported me with his friends or hacked to give him the ability to. Please if you are an admin can you un ban me.
    Loyal Empire Citizen.
  2. bob23646

    Start a conversation with him. I highly doubt he banned you for no reason. All the moderators were chosen because they are helpful, nice, literate, and fair. They are not petty, prideful, and willing to take revenge.

    (Ban all the planes)
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  3. I wasnt banned by an admin I was banned by some bob guy who is not an admin.
  4. Everything about your post was incorrect. The report system works fine. You were banned by a staff member (not bob). We do currently have a staff member named bob, so if it was him, it would still be accurate. Finally, we don't ban because of /reports. The reports let us know to investigate things. Your case was investigated and then the ban was issued. More details in the message you sent after this thread was made.
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