Underground Maze Game

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  1. First I would like to thank anyone a head of time who took time to read this.
    The Underground Maze game is a creation I thought of a while back and just now decided to put to use. Before I get into the details I would like to tell you a little bit about the maze.

    :The Maze:
    Fully Underground
    Made almost completely of Dirt
    Moderate difficulty
    Will be timed

    The Underground Maze game was created to make some Rupees so I could fund what I need to finish off my Shop. The entry price would determine the prize you get if you complete the Maze challenge.

    10 Rupees - 1 Iron Ore
    20 Rupees - 5 Iron Ores
    30 Rupees- 1 Diamond

    You're probably wondering, "Do I just have to make it to the end?" You are very wrong. There are two chests in the maze that you must raid, then bring the contents back to me. If there is any cheating, your Rupees will be taken and no reward will be given. If you fail to complete the challenge in the time range, your rupees will be taken and you will not receive a reward.

    If you are interested in this, reply to this and I will inbox you the Address.
  2. Currently no pictures, it's a small maze with and it's semi dark. It would be too complicated to upload a picture.