Uncharted Lands

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  1. My dad (AzHamster) and I have been working on our wild base for a while and we got super annoyed by the rain... So we fixed it haha :)

    Here is some random photos of area

    Auto Chicken Cooker

    Hope you enjoy ;)
  2. Digging your texture pack. Resource pack. Whatever. What is it?
  3. What he said ^^^ But i changed the beacon beam
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  4. Yea definitely. I swear I tried it before, but didn't like the lighting. I've grown so sccustomed to ovos rustic, that I really can't use anything else. Occasionally I use the HD reality pack.... But it's too realistic. And I don't recognize the inventory items right away. :(
  5. Most definitely the Sphax resourcepack, your connected textures don't seem to be working correctly though (unless disabled). Sphax usually blends connected glass textures into a seemless piece which only shows outline, as previewed here:

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  6. umm...to me its unattractive..
  7. Thanks for refreshing my memory, shaun. That's what I wasn't a fan of. Regarding functionality... I didn't like the seamless glass effect. That was during the old days of endertopia.
  8. I turned that off with optifine