Unbreaking Vouchers!!!!

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  1. Hey any EMC staff which r reading this!!! i have though of an INSANELY useful voucher! it makes it unable to break! of course it would b either redeemed by voting or purchased on website!! i dont know for 100% if this will work but i think that the amazing EMC staff and develepors we have can make it work :D please take this into consideration!!!
    P.S. i want to be recognised for this idea if it does go through! idk how but i wanna b recognised!
    ~Kyleewatson-The Quartz Miner!
  2. Sounds illegal and overpowered
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  3. illegal?
    and it would obviously be very expensive Bro_im_infinite and btw nice having top monthly TEXP
  4. Yeah, I don't think the EULA would allow it.

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  5. I like the concept, but I don't think it is particularly useful. If it was given as a voting bonus it wouldn't really serve a purpose. Voting bonuses give really op tools for really high streaks. I like this, I think it encourages voting. However by the time you get to a really high streak (like when something like this would be given) you already have iron or diamond unbreaking tools.
    Nice idea, but I just don't see the point.

    Edit: From what I've seen unless a voucher is sold for real world currency, it is legal. I haven't researched it much so I can't say for sure.
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  6. I have seen this idea before and although it keeps tweaking each time, it is not the sort of thing that would be implemented I wouldn't think. As rock says above, the concept is nice however there is simply no need and it would be considered overpowered in a way.

    We have many Promotional items and other custom items that can be used to aid you in many ways and forms, and with the more recent additions to the Voting streak rewards and all of their capabilities, I think that the need of this voucher is minimal and there is plenty there to choose from and stride for already. :)
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  7. well i mean i can see how it may b over powered but u said it was over powered and uselss in the same paragraph
    i mean its just a suggestion but i would LOVE if it was impletmented
    but i do agree there is already a lot