Unbreaking III Efficiency III Fortune II Diamond Pick

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  1. Enchantment: Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 3 Fortune 2 Diamond pick.
    Condition: Used on one or two blocks, it doesn't show.
    Starting bid: 2,500
    Minimum bid increment: 200
    Ends after 24 hours.
  2. This is a quality pick, it is the longest lasting and I'm pretty sure its one of the fastest to break blocks and you get the most blocks.
  3. If nobody else bids by 11:36 tomorrow, you will have the pick!
  4. I've got one that is Efficiency V, Unbreaking III and Fortune III
  5. Sell me it
  6. PM me a cost, I don't want to hijack this thread
  7. Wow. You already did, nobody else has bid for this. Can a mod delete all posts? Im back to square one now, thanks.
  8. Roblikescake has bid at 5k
  9. I figured he wanted yours instead.
  10. No he doesn't
  11. 12k.

    Step up.
  12. We've got 12k!! Woot!
    Time limit has been shortened to 16 Hours, as the stakes are going higher.
  13. i don't know if i could out bid a diamond supporter!!
  14. I've been known as the Auction King on quite a few servers. Just a heads up :)
  15. By the way where is ur CakeCo Headquarters?
  16. Rob make a chest with my access and I will put the pick you bought in there and you can pay me when you see it. I trust you to pay me or else I will be bringing out my little friend
    .. /report :]