Unbearable Lag

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by Iceraider14, Mar 31, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys.I can log onto the servers but the chat freezes,everything freezes seconds after I log on.I have tried many things but still not working >_< Any ideas?
  2. Its gotten to the point I cant handle...
  3. I cannot log on to the servers at all. I and thrown out due to a "broken pipe", which is strange because I have been playing on EMC for two weeks with no problems. This began about 12 hours ago like clockwork and I havent been able to play for more than thirty seconds since. Just thought this might be related to Iceraider's problem.
  4. Pretty related Wonka.
  5. I would recommend trying a different server (either EMC or non EMC) to see if you get the same results. Usually if the entire game freezes up (cant even move) this is something on your end, if it was server lag you could still walk around and everything you would just suddenly be kicked when it noticed it wasn't able to talk with the server.
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  6. well I joined Im playing on 43 FPS but its laggy but on F3 it says Im on 43fps and when on other servers Im on 90-110FPS and not lagging :/
  7. Again I ask is it that way for you on all emc servers? Or just one? Is it a certain location on a server (things like redstone, animals, etc can effect framerate).
  8. I've found the block lag on SMP7 fairly difficult to work with, although it is Peak time and the server is full.

    The difference is astounding from when I play on GMT whilst the US is asleep and there are only a dozen or less people on - Everything works great, mobs rush you and Creepers blow up at the slightest hint of being too close.

    Come Peak, everything changes, slows down and Creepers aren't quite as deadly.
  9. I fixed Wonkatime's lag problem. I was having the same problem earlier today. Then I remembered I havn't checked my villager farm lately. The villagers must have eating something because there was over 500 villagers there. It took me a while to eggify them but it is done.

    Needless to say I am selling villagers eggs at SMP4 res 8644 1 villager for 5r. 2012-03-31_15.27.53.png 2012-03-31_15.34.35.png
  10. I said on other servers it is not laggy :) but its everywhere well it was bad in amadai's residence it lagged with epicness and this was on smp2 and 3 :/
  11. Thanks Zaferty, however this may have all been for no reason. My hard drive ate itself this morning, so I may not be on for some time (if ever again). :(

    Back to playing battlefield 3

    Goodbye EMC,
  12. that's not good :/
  13. Uhm, unlucky i guess. :/

    OT: Lag. < Chuck Norris computer.
  14. All the servers Justin.
  15. I got Optifine what should I change?Because Optifine isn't working
  16. Get a new computer mabye? with 5 cores (i5) :D with 6 gb ram
  17. Really? And an i5 doesnt have 5 cores. The mobile has 2, and the desktop has 4. There is no comsumer cpu that has 5 cores.
  18. WTF why you bumped this?

    Noob... :p
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  19. Gosh I hate it when people bump very old threads... I am now going to find/make a meme that I will post for each and every time I see this happen... With a disclaimer explaining to them not to bump old threads

    EDIT: Seem unable to create the Meme... I will take anybody's opinion on it though.

    The Meme is the Y U NO guy... and it says "Y U BUMP DEAD THREAD?"
    And then include this in there also...
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