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  1. Unbanning Sorry Members
    Hi im scotty999 I got banned for spamming i spammed because some one keep following me and would not go away they were trying to kill me so i started shouting aload of random stuff so i got banned i am very sorry for that i didnt mean to spam
    and I thank I should be unbanned
    If AnyOne Is In The Same Position Plz Reply Ill Try To Get U Unbanned To

    Thanx Scotty999
  2. Please PM this to the mod who banned you.
    This is not the way to appeal a ban.
  3. It Was Auto Spam Protection :(
  4. PM any mods then :)
  5. any mods???
  6. Yes, any moderator. Preferably an online one. Also, use the reply button at the bottom right of the post you wish to reply to. It makes life alot easier ;)
  7. Not the right way to appeal >:O
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  8. Also, public threads are no place for ban appeals. Nobody wants to hear that you were banned or want to be unbanned, you have to go and search for a tutorial on how to appeal.
  9. How did they try killing you? Were you in the wild and they had a flint and steel?
  10. who killed you?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.