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  1. Its been about 2 years I've been banned all I did was say my friends name alot no one gave me the slightest warning and the worst thing is I'm 12,when I was about 10 when i got banned I actually cried. Now I know what your thinking how can a 12 year old remember such a thing... I found a paper I wrote on when I was 10, not very detailed and didn't say the person I got banned from but it did say most of what I just wrote so if I could please get unbanned I would love it and I can restart on my sb factory (stone brick) I know I probably won't have anything but I can cope with that

    Thank you.

    Username: bickmman

    Server: smp2
  2. Wrong way to appeal. PM the mod who banned you to unban you.
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  3. Wait what? I only thought EMC was up for a year now. Not 2...?
  4. This is not how you appeal!
    Please pm a mod or admin.
  5. You were banned for spam? That's harsh!
  6. LOL,first of all the server is only 1 year old not 2 and second of all this is not a way to appeal a ban
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  7. Yeah, EMC has been around for only 1 year... anyway... click here
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  8. Guyz I said it first :p
  9. Locking this thread, PM Maxarias, shaunwhite1982, and IcecreamCow to appeal your ban if you haven't already

    oh, and ps. It has only been like 9 months since you have been banned. This server hasn't been around for 2 years...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.