Unbann me please

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by marix24, May 25, 2014.

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  1. Please unbann me it's one of the best server I've played. Please give me another chance I promise not to grief please unbann me
  2. This is the wrong way to appeal. Please start a conversation with the staff member that banned you. More information at http://appeal.emc.gs.
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  3. This is the incorrect way to appeal a ban, first PM the staff member who banned you then explain what you did wrong and why you deserve a second chance on the Empire. =)
    (Or click here)
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  4. This isnt the proper way to apeal to a ban, firs start a conversation with a member of the staff, preferably the one who banned you, then you need to UNDERSTAND what you did wrong, in EVERY aspect, you need to say your sorry, and promise nothing similar will ever happen again.
    Just so you know, a second chance means everything you had will be erased, and you will have a fresh start. Dont complain about that, your the one who broke the rules.
    Have fun. :D

    EDIT: whats the point of a big text if you always get ninja'd. :p
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