Unban my one day?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Rithrim, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. I got banned for one day for "Inappropriate language/Rude language" First of all it was the skin not language and second of all i had no warning, It was all a joke with MikeCSpike I was pretending it was his birthday and I wanted to make him laugh so i changed skin, I wasn't going to be in it all day I was going to change back once the party was over, I was afk one minute whilst getting a drink I come back and I'm banned. By Dark_Liz
  2. The skin was a half naked woman btw :L
  3. An innapropiate skin is a bannable offence.
  4. Seems fitting. To you it was a good joke that was fun. But here at EMC we have people of all ages playing from all diff walks of life. EMC is keeping a sutable place for all of them to play with out being offended or insulted. Just take it as a lesson learned and wait the 24hrs to play.
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  5. She could have atleast warned me :L
  6. nudity of any form is illegal if you are under 18 in the country the server is hosted, so you still broke the rules rith

    edit: your warning was the rules, which you should have read before joining emc :)
  7. The proper way to appeal a ban is to send a private message to the banning moderator.
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