unban me plz

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HoppeanSnek, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. ok so i let my cousin play 4 a min then i got on and said i was banned? i dont no how to fly or hack?
    so can you unban me plz idk what happend?:( i love this server and want to play some more!!
  2. Wrong way to appeal, pm a mod.
  3. PM A Moderator.
    Thats the correct way to appeal, these thread most likely gets deleted or locked.
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  4. Wrong way to appeal. Also, you are responsible for your own account. Whatever anyone does on your account is basically your fault.
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  5. Please PM the mod who banned you. That is the only way you can appeal.
  6. Did they mention PM a Mod? Haha, but seriously, messaging a moderator is the only way to appeal any ban.
  7. This is not a way to try to get a ban apeal, please PM a mod or adminsitrstor.
  8. ok i think he/she knows to pm a mod
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  9. One more time for good luck haha
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  10. I laugh at you, this is no ban appeal, you have to pm a mod.
    Please don't let others use your account.
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  11. He sure was fast getting a fly mod then because quoting you:

    He couldnt of downloaded the mod, closed minecraft, installed the mod, loaded minecraft back up in 1 min
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