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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mikeguy2225, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Dear any moderators or anyone who reads this,

    My in game Minecraft name is Mikeguy2225. Earlier today I was banned for using the mod Nodus. I can honestly say that I did not use it in game and I just had it. I used it for Singleplayer only and never on Multiplayer. I am sincerely sorry for my using of this mod and would like to be unbanned. I have gone to the length of already deleting my Nodus mod, therefore I believe I should be allowed to continue playing on Empire Minecraft. If this happened on any other server I would go find a different one, but this is the only server I have ever played on that I have put so much time in. I have only been a member for one day and I really would like to continue playing on the server. I am very, very, very, sorry for my use of the mod Nodus, and as I already said I have removed it and will never use it again. I was working on setting up a hotel/food/adventure store which I think would be very helpful to the community of Empire Minecraft. I was raising animals, and growing wheat, and sugarcane. I was planning to expand my residence to two separate residences by donating. On the second residence I was planning to build the hotel with the restaurant on my personal reservation. There would be reasonable prices, with very good service. I was not sure how to apply to be unbanned so I started a forum. Once again, I am very sorry for my use of the Nodus mod. Please take my apology into consideration. All I ask is to simply be allowed to play again on the only server I have ever really liked: Empire Minecraft. Thank you for your time.

    Michael Flynn a.k.a. Mikeguy2225
  2. Denied.. This is not how you appeal and Nodus is not allowed anyways.
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  4. btw, the proper way of appealing a ban is to start a convo with one of the staff members
  5. Then how did you get banned for not using it?
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  6. We arent dumb. Nodus is not a mod, nodus is a hacked client. We dont accept hackers hete, do you can leave now.
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  7. Exactly, you think were dumb? Thats a hacked client sir. Bye bye.
  8. Here, not hete. And so, not do. Sorry, i know i can edit, but my phone isnt letting me do that right now since the quote took up so much space:(
  9. I did not download it, my friend told me it was a cool mod. I had no idea it was a hacked client until you just told me.
  10. Prove it sir.
  11. Because someone asked how to stop spam in Nodus, and I gave them the command.
  12. I do love how it announces it's installed in the console :)
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  13. I can't prove it, but that's what happened. He told me it was a mod with all the mods.
  14. So you just assumed downloading and installing a completely different EXE and Jar was a mod? Get out of here.
  15. I didn't download it, my friend did, he told me he was downloading a mod from another room. I wasn't even in the same room. I don't understand mods.
  16. Your responsible for your own actions, Don't blame it on your 'friend'
  17. Youre a hacker, period! You should be a shame of yourself by letting peer pressure/approval get in to you! You, sir, don't belong anywhere in EmpireMinecraft and/or Empire Minecraft Citezens! Bye, and see you on another server!
  18. So you're accusing your "friend"? I thought that friends are good to eachother. You are one bad guy...
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  19. Not to mention the intention of Nodus is to grief.
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  20. Oh noes its a griefer... blah blah

    Seriously dude, we know what you were trying to do. stop lying to get out of this, your already in big trouble. Take your punishment LIKE A MAN ( or girl )
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