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  1. Hello all,

    Recently I haven't been to active on minecraft because school started, state soccer training each night, and I've just been in a unhappy mood, (Girls) But im going to try the best i can to be on as much as i can, but im going try and get high on the texp leaderboards :3

    Yeeeeeeeehhh So that's kinda all, just wanted to address it :)

    Thanks ~RoBoT
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  2. You're not alone - I'm thinking about setting me up a schedule ... maybe do work outs each day, some homework, then play rest of day :3

    Just try to take it easy - emc isn't a priority over real - life things :D
  3. Don't worry, I am not able to get on as much either. Semester has started and now I can only get on for like an hour a day
  4. Inactive*

    Sorry lol
    Anyways, I know the feels bro. I'm really busy and I don't have that much time for EMC anymore, but I do go on the forums if I can. Hopefully you don't leave. That's what usually happens when people are inactive.
  5. I've already tried, twice, and chances are now, I won't leave emc for a long time :)
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  6. Do u play football ? I think no one can beat me in that sport
  7. Take it easy Mr. RobotChicken. Life only happens once.
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  8. #YOLO :3
  9. Not necessarily?
  10. D: