Unable to Join An SMP Server

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  1. When I tried to log back into a SMP server, I get this message:

    After looking on SMP5 player list, it saids that I'm on the server when I'm really

    So, is there anyway to fix this problem?
  2. This happens from time to time, Easiest to PM a moderator and tell them to kick you from that server.
  3. No need.

    Either connect to the server you last connected to, or wait 15 mins. This'll clear your stale session.
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  4. That method doesn't help me at all; I get this error when I try to login:

  5. Some people were having problems connecting to SMP5 earlier. I'm not sure if the same thing is affecting you, but I'm guessing it is.
  6. Here is what I do:
    Click the big red X at top of launcher.
    Wait 5 minutes
    Open Back up
    Hopefully you are able to play again!
  7. Pretty sure smp5 crashed, no one is able to connect. And the people on at that time are just ''stuck'' there.
  8. I've been getting exactly the same problem for abut an hour Actually a GOOD THING as it forces me to interact with the real world for a bit!
  9. SMP5 has been down for my family all morning (EST-5) thus far. The server status continues to show green but I believe something is blocking login.
  10. #BlameAikar
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  11. Back up now for me. :)
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  12. Actually It would be blame JustinGuy for server crashes since I don't think Aikar accidently coded something to make the server crash.
  13. So you got to do this?

    and this:
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  14. SMP5 is getting the same problem that I had 2 days ago....:oops: