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  1. So I just started my first day on the server. I ran into a few nice fellows in which helped me get started with claiming a res and such. Well, shortly after building a small shelter, I lagged and was then disconnected from the server with an error. I tried to relog, and it got stuck on the logging in screen. I then attempted to connect via one of the other smp's, and was getting a message saying I am able to connect to only one smp at a time.

    So, I am asking, what is this? Is this just me, or a server issue?
  2. Hey,

    Yesterday all MC servers had issues around this time too, and they would go down for a few.

    At the moment there is nothing else to do then wait for it to come back up.

    And welcome :)
  3. And just wanna add that this doesnt happen all that much, but the past 2 days have been critical for alot of MC servers (not just EMC). Reason? I have no idea.
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  4. Ahh, so I left for a 2 day vacation and everything got bad? ;)
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  5. Why, thank you kind sir.

    I see you have an achievement in your signature quoting "7 million club", does this mean you are a rich man of the economy?
  6. I saw you online and you seem like a great community member. Welcome to the Empire! :)
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  7. Not rich, richest...
  8. I'll rather have you call me PT than "Sir" - It makes me feel so awfully old.

    However, yes - i havent heard about anyone with more rupees then me on the empire.

    I saw you on SMP1 while you were claiming your res, and you will get to see alot more of me on SMP1(WHEN IT GETS ONLINE - Juuuustin?) - that i can promise..
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  9. Thank you sir, and a big thank you to helping me with that small donation!

    Oh my, does he offer jobs? If he's the richest on here, I am quite positive it will be best to earn rupees by working for him!
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  10. Very well my friend, I apologize for calling you sir! It's just a natural thing I've grown custom to doing.
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  11. I do actually have a few jobs open (I tend to let people go that slacks and cant uphold their promises)
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  12. 1783, his huuuuugggge shop, you can sell stuff from the wild there to him. :)
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  14. I can assure you that I am no slacker! Whilst I may not be able to get online if I am held up with leaving at work, I can surely keep up with what I am given to do.

    Although, I believe we should chat via a PM about this, since it stated in the rules not to post off-topic.

    I will surely get to that a bit later this evening. :)
  15. I have to say, the server downtimes can be rather inconvenient - playing on just 5 accounts at once instead of 6 just feels ... icky...
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  16. ..I'd imagine your computer's enjoying the break?
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  17. Welcome to the server, also pt was not always the richest wcg_elite once had 10million!
  18. proof?

    cause as far as i know, that was bull.
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  19. According to help.mojang.com, the servers are just fine. Could someone please ask a moderator to kick me from the server so I can try to reconnect?
  20. Its EMC server only then, apparently only SMP1.

    there should be an autoreboot coming soon.