Unable to connect to EMC

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  1. I've been unable to log in for the past 2 hours.

    I can log into every other multiplayer server i have listed. But EMC does not show as being 'up'. So this is not a Mojang problem. My account is fine, their authentication is fine. Why just EMC?

    I can see lots of people logged in on the livemap, and on server list.

    Question is: Why can't I log in?
  2. I just logged onto smp5 without any problem. Wish I could help :/
  3. Have you tried direct connect? Or restarting your MC?
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  4. Try connecting with proxy.emc.gs :)
  5. if that doesn't work, try restarting the computer
  6. Yea, just tried to log on, not working, but i think ill just restart it :/
  7. I have restarted compuer, internet connection, i've tried multiple installs of minecraft, including fresh install.

    I've tried connecting to various ways to connect to EMC...

    This is an EMC only problem. every other server i can connect to. Am I banned or something?

    EDIT: Actually, now i have authentication problems in general, sometimes for other servers... this is weird...
  8. OK, i managed to connect using proxy.emc.gs eventually.

    Got 'Authentication server down for maintenance' a few times before getting in.

    But the Minecraft site says authentication server is working fully, no problems. And I don't seem to have many issues with other servers (except for a few moments there i couldn't connect to anything). Mostly just EMC.
  9. UPDATE: Mojang had authentication server problems, which appear to be fixed now.
  10. Hm.
    Looks like something similar to what happened on the 14th.
    Just wait it out if it happens again, or use direct connect to bypass authentication.
  11. Direct connect just came up 'unknown host' as well. So that didn't help this time.
  12. fyi play.emc.gs and proxy.emc.gs is the same thing now jack =P

    Are you using direct addresses such as smp1.emc.gs ? Those sometimes fail due to a client bug. play.emc.gs will be the most reliable.
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  13. I did try using all those yes. tried direct connecting to all different servers. Same thing. It got worse and I was unable to connect to just about all multi-player servers. the minecraft dev log showed failure to connect to mojang auth server every time.

    I don't know why I was able to connect to others server initially, but not EMC... possibly tighter connection restrictions to EMC than other servers? (shorter timeout?)

    But I'm able to connect now, no problems.
  14. Hey guys. I really like empire craft but i cannot connect to any of the servers. I started having issues a after the 1.7 update. tried back dating minecraft to 1.6 no luck. not really tech savvy here. if anyone can help that would be awesome.
  15. EMC runs on version 1.7.2. and you can connection with 1.7.2, 1.73, or 1.7.4

    So you cannot load up minecraft version 1.7.anything at all? Or just can't log into EMc?
  16. oh i can load minecaft with no problem. i just cannot connect to emc. i have even tried a clean install just in-case that was the issue. it keeps comming up with java.net.connect exception: connection refused: no further information: I do not have any firewalls up to make a message come up like that.
  17. I wonder if your account is banned? You should PM one of the staff.
    Try PMing Aikar --> Start Conversation with Aikar
  18. Now I am having this problem. It's June 5th and I'm getting "The authentication are currently down for maintenance" but there are many other people on the server right now and no error messages. What is the deal? Tried direct connecting, tried opening as administrator on my comp, nothing's working. Help!
  19. The authentication servers are legitimately down right now.
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  20. Mojang is probably down. Next time though don't bump a thread that's a few months old though haha
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