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  1. ((Requesting a staff member makes this a sticky))

    Are you having problems connecting to minecraft servers or logging in? Check this site before starting your own thread, most likely others are experiencing this problem too. Click here. If you are infact having problems and the Mojang site confirms that their servers are down just sit tight and wait for them to fix it you can look on their twitter feeds to see about the status of fixing it or just get some good old IceCreamCow milk and some good cookies and browse the forums while waiting.
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  2. Yep, Multiplayer Session is down ATM.
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  3. :( i dont wanna wait :(
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  4. Watch dis stream then hes a good avid streamer. I'm MiarcBros in chatroom say hi when you join! :D
  5. So is there anyword on why the site's down now?
  6. Not at the moment servers probably got overloaded happens about twice a month.
    Should be fixed in about 2-3 hours.
  7. Just so you all know, the servers are lovely without you all online. :) They run beautifully :D even from the Macdonalds I'm sat in poaching WiFi.
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  8. /kick B4DMAN5IMON Not anymore.
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  9. /kickall
  10. i'm logged into smp9 right now
  11. /kick all
    /fix bugs
  12. The zacktl guy is cool
  13. Yus he is and he's doing SSSLENDER In asec
  14. i know im watching. my name is daxter on it whats ur username
  15. As I said MiarcBros, look for the Lightning Bolt next to my name.
  16. emc is online again
  17. /ban allnonslimes
  18. /deop TheEpic5
    /whitelist on
    /whitelist remove TheEpic5
    Whitelist add Other EMC members
    /reports thread to mods to cleanup this soon to be derailed train/thread.
  19. /nuke
    <May death rain apon them>
  20. Mine says bad login when I try to join, any help? :c